5 Daily Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

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It is important to plan your day and make the most of every minute. Here are five tips you can employ daily to boost your focus and your productivity, making sure every day is one day closer to realizing your dream.

Own Your Morning. Use the morning hours for yourself. Plan what you want for the day. Move your body purposefully—exercise, stretch, bathe, nourish. Start your day with purpose so that you are acting, not reacting. Don’t check inbox for the first 60 minutes of the day—studies show this will increase productivity by 27% for the week. First, focus on your intentions and on your agenda.

Prioritize Fat Rabbits. Make it a point to achieve three tough things every day. This means doing the important things first—the Fat Rabbits. Move through the things you feel like avoiding because they are tough. These tasks will help your break through to the next level, and build your confidence in the process. Move through them and get on with progress.

Ask For Help. Every day of your life, ask others to assist you. Whether asking for help doing chores or soliciting advice, request others to participate in your journey. You can’t do it all alone. Build your tribe. Ease your burden. And, remember to give thanks and praise!

Communicate Explicitly and Authentically. Express yourself constantly. Share what you want, need, hope for, dream of clearly consistently. Tell others what your preferences are so those around you can help champion your efforts, cheer on your journey. Move through fear of being judged for being yourself. Express more of who you are. Be expressive with the people around you. Make this common practice. In the silence, holding back, is suffering. It limits true connection. Be known for who you are.

Demand Your Best. Condition yourself to always be your best. Evaluate every situation. Ask “how would my best self respond to this situation?” Align with the best of you. Respond to everything with your highest ability. Bring the best of who you are to every situation. Show up in the best way you can. Respond. Take action. Interact with others with the best of you. Don’t act or speak under reaction. Instead, delay. When stressed, inhale through nose, exhale through lips, gain self-control. If you need more time to collect yourself, announce a later time to return with a response or action. This will allow you time to recover, manage yourself, and to act or speak from a centered place.

Develop these habits to help you create new possibilities in your life. To assist you in breaking through to the next level. Keep yourself aligned with the best you and with the best you wish to be.