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About us.

Venture Madness by Invest Southwest brings together investors with the region’s most promising ventures.  Venture Madness offers year-long memberships, partnerships, programs and events. Want to be a part of the madness? Visit our memberships and events pages to learn more.


Since 1992, Venture Madness by Invest Southwest has helped emerging growth companies raise more than $1 billion in capital as one of the region’s premier organizations that connects investors with the best and brightest ventures around. For more than 30 years, it has served the investor and entrepreneurial community primarily through the annual Arizona Venture Capital Conference and Invest Southwest Capital Conference. That all changed in 2013 when Venture Madness introduced its signature event, the Venture Madness Conference, in partnership with Arizona Commerce Authority. This inaugural event has led to the year-round memberships and calendar of events to help strengthen the growing ecosystem.


Venture Madness’s commitment to the investor and emerging growth communities is manifested through memberships, partnerships, programs and event initiatives that provide valuable insights and education on topics important to fostering the investor and emerging growth ecosystems.


Invest Southwest is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization. As the connection between investors and emerging growth companies, Venture Madness may not operate for the benefit of private interests. Its purpose is to support the growing investor and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Arizona, its neighboring states and throughout the country. For more about nonprofits and 501(c)(6) organizations, read the IRS information page.


Venture Madness can provide support and opportunities because of angel investors and groups, venture capital firms, corporate ventures, incubators, lawyers, CPAs, entrepreneurs, and other organizations that support the investor and entrepreneurial ecosystem. It connects these funding groups with key community leaders, investors, service professionals and startups supported by Venture Madness.

Great value. Great venue. Great judges. Great companies.

This was such a great conference. Very well done.

GREAT job with the caliber of the companies and the content and operation of the conference.

 I was amazed at the knowledge transfer that took place in such a short time. It was worth ten times the amount I paid to attend. Thank you.

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