5 Elements for Building a Healthy Startup


With the right planning up front, you can cut the time it will take to successfully get to your ultimate destination. Here are five elements to consider for starting your business on the path to success. <click to tweet>


1. Experience. Consider the experience you wish to give every customer. Whether it is the benefit of a product, the involvement of an event, or the transportation of an excursion, the experience is a critical factor.

As a core benefit, BUZZPAY (formerly TIPLY) makes that sometimes awkward moment of exchange—person to person payment, tip, etc—a simple, secure, and seamless experience.

2. Education. You aren’t going to know how to do everything. Get the information you need to do it or find someone who can help. Consider how you will make sense of your idea. Then, how will you share it? Sometimes education is actually the benefit of your business.

With an initial idea inspired by the power of mnemonics, founders Ken Robertson, Adeel Yang, and Ron Robertson worked with professional artists, graphic designers, and software engineers to build the interactive learning system PICMONIC.

3. Expectations. Set your goals clearly. Look to where you want to land and focus there. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely—in other words, make sure you use the SMART system in your goal setting process.

Before building CAMPUSLOGIC, Gregg Scoresby learned to set goals and manage expectations early on in his career as he experienced methodology, process, and organization at Arthur Anderson before joining the startup adventure.

4. Environment. Consider where you start your startup. Where can you locate yourself to be near resources and best serve your market? Consider this to be like fishing. You need to find your school of fish—go there. Upstream are your resources and the value you provide, downstream is your market. Place your business strategically in these waters.

Ryan Buch located FIELDFIT Gym in the heart of Scottsdale to tap resources of retired pro athletes to train athletes in the Arizona marketplace where sports can be played year-round. With a primary market of baseball players, the fitness program benefits all athletes including golfers, runners, soccer players, and etc.

5. Expertise. Employ the right people. Who knows how to do this? Who can I get to do this for me? Do I have the right people in the right place to do the right things? Get right people. Give them the right tools. Then get out of the way so they can get it done.

As a focus, cSTOR honed knowledge in data center management and employed IT experts in order to serve the data center needs of bourgeoning businesses.

Give these five elements your consideration and see your idea emerge from concept to creation. <click to tweet>