Use the 5 W’s to Lead Your Process

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You’re an entrepreneur. You have a vision. You can’t do it alone. So how do you get the help you need and keep everyone and every thing on track? First you need your plan, and it should include the 5 W’s—Why, What, Who, Where, and When.

WHY are we doing it? By sharing the way your vision will help others or build a better world, you help align others with passion. This builds a desire to see your vision manifest on a personal level for you and for your employees or contractors.

WHAT needs to be done? Defining the end results or targets will set the sights for efforts. It will offer a challenge that might be met in many ways—so you don’t have to fully define every step of the journey.

WHO is doing it? Assigning tasks provides accountability and prevents overlapping and redundant work. It also gives a sense ownership to your employees.

WHERE is it happening? Location, location, location. Clarifying whether a task is an in-house or offsite need, for instance, will help identify resources, obstacles, or accommodations that need to be made in support of getting it done.

WHEN is it due? A deadline helps establish and keep momentum. This is especially important when one project leads to another in the process. Like dominos, the first needs to fall in place before the next one can carry on.

Outlining a project or task with the 5W’s will help your team see clearly the goal and feel connection with the process. And, it will support results.