7 ways to motivate people to play and win like a team

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People Working with Startup Business

Engagement is essential to propelling a team. When your employees are motivated to do a great job, the work will be easier, more productive and fun! To motivate your team to succeed, give individual attention and recognize the team. Here are seven ways to excite and inspire people to bring their a-game to your startup.

Vision. Let people know that they will make a significant contribution to the startup (maybe even the world). it is important to know that effort is not wasted but will make a lasting impact. Help them see value in what they are doing. Outline the benefits of success and explain the positive outcomes of achieving objectives.

Intention. Set expectations. The more certain and clear a task or goal, the more likely people will have confidence in getting it done. Outline responsibility and give the necessary authority to get it done.

Education. Genuine interest in a person’s career and future does wonders for motivation. Teach them with on-the-job training, provide mentoring, suggest coursework or enlist coaching to help a person proper. These are helpful and valued. Consider enlisting them for an Improving Investability Workshop via Invest Southwest.

Participation. Let people have input. Give them a sense of ownership—a stake in the process. Don’t just tell people what to do. Keep them interested and up-to-date with goals, strategies, and results so that they are part of the process. Cooperation goes a long way to keeping everyone in the game. Consider chunking key projects into smaller goals. As each step is met, check it off to show progress and build momentum.

Compensation. Align individual benefits with company performance. Encourage results with rewards. Bonuses and cash prizes for exceeding goals or bringing a brilliant idea to life go a long way in morale boosting.

Recognition. Notice accomplishments. Give credit for achievements. Show appreciation for contributions. Do this often—say “thank you” to acknowledge the good things you get from other people. And remember the art of the handwritten Thank You note. Authentic gratitude makes others feel happier and more fulfilled. It gives worth and value to a person’s efforts—fortifying both self-worth and self-efficacy.

Integration. Support work-life balance. Flexible schedules can help a person manage commitments, appointments, and enjoyments while meeting work requirements. Celebrate personal achievements and build camaraderie among teammates to strengthen work in the field and from the sidelines.

These are some of the many ways you can motivate people around you and get them excited to face the next challenge. Keep your team engaged and enthusiastic about the business and keep them encouraged about their role in all the fun.