Lectric Longboards

An electric longboard company. We provide the small electric vehicle market and longboarding market a board that has a motor attached to it. This board can go 22 mph, up to 18 miles on a single charge, and is 1/3 our competitors. price.


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Mobile app software that simplifies field service, helping companies sell more in the field.

Paraffin International Inc

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gLOVE Treat, is a patented, disposable, self-contained, portable glove & boot system that dramatically changes the application of paraffin wax baths. We eliminate the need for a paraffin pot, the 2 hour melt time, sanitation issues and the…

PerioEndoscopy, LLC

Micro-endoscope for dentists and hygienists to allow them to SEE below the gum-line to fully remove calculus without surgery or a blind procedure called SRP. Provides a High Definition 100x magnified image of the calculus below the gum-line.…


Prenda sells web-based software to libraries and schools to help kids learn computer programming. We leverage existing infrastructure (staff, computers, space) at the schools and libraries. Our software guides kids through learning computer…

Pure Chat, Inc.

Tools to help websites convert more visitors into customers.

Pursuit Health Technologies, LLC

We are a SaaS CRM platform for the health and fitness industry. Our goal is to streamline and automate trainers' administration and business management so that they can focus solely on their client's growth on an all-in-one platform.


HybridChart, a cloud-based charge capture system for medical practices, enables purposeful rounding with census management, discharge planning, HIPAA-compliant messaging, and charge capture. It can be integrated with existing billing software,…


InfluenceLogic is a SaaS platform that helps businesses market their products on YouTube through Influencer Marketing. Businesses are expected to spend $5 billion annually on influencer marketing by 2020, and we’re poised to capitalize on…

Innobright Technologies Inc.

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Innobright’s Altus denoiser (noise removal) software is a disruptive solution that fits into any workflow, works with any rendering system/hardware, and accelerates rendering throughput, resulting in a higher quality output while saving time…