Tellspec USA

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Tellspec Ltd. is a company with a mission to help create a clean food revolution by providing the most relevant and accurate information about what is in food. We offer real-time, reliable, non-destructive, hand-held food analysis.


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A podcasting platform that allows anyone to become a podcaster with practically no technical knowledge, by using our simple to use mobile app or web app.

Paraffin International Inc

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gLOVE Treat, is a patented, disposable, self-contained, portable glove & boot system that dramatically changes the application of paraffin wax baths. We eliminate the need for a paraffin pot, the 2 hour melt time, sanitation issues and the…

eSalesDash LLC

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eSalesDash is a software as a service application, designed for call centers, to optimize sales performance. The cloud-based application features management tools, business intelligence and motivational mechanics, to create leadership efficiency…

Crystal Clear Technologies Inc.

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CCT’s NMX product is a proprietary absorbent material based on a chitosan substrate (made from crab and shrimp shells) that is further processed by adding specific chemical functional groups that have a strong affinity for the targeted me…


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CodaKid's online learning platform and proprietary curricula teaches children ages 6 to 14 computer programming. CodaKid teaches real programming languages using professional environments.

Clean Router

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Clean Router is a wifi router that filters the internet for parents who want to keep their kids safe online. Unlike software filters that you have to configure individually per device the Clean Router automatically filter the Internet at the…

AniCell Biotech, LLC

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AniCell extends the ACTIVE life of animals by recycling amniotic material to create an all-natural regenerative treatment for veterinarians to treat tissue related injuries in animals.