Missed our Get Ready Seminar, or want to watch it again?

Invest Southwest wants every potential applicant for Venture Madness to be as empowered and prepared as possible, that’s why we held our Get Ready Seminar at Infusionsoft, so sincere thanks to everyone there, and to Greg Head for your generous hospitality.

Who should watch our Get Ready Seminar

Our Get Ready Seminar is ideal for any early-stage firm looking for tips, best practices and past winner insights on applying and competing in Venture Madness, and gives you remarkable insight into exactly what investors are looking for in your funding pitch… whether you apply for the competition this year or not.

Whether you just have a new business idea and are considering applying this year to better understand the process for applying in future years and to get the networking and expertise…OR…You have a growing business with product(s) and services in market, customers and traction and are ready to scale… then this session is for you!

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Key tips for preparing your application submission
  • Best practices and expert tips for preparing your investor pitch
  • Top tips on the value of Venture Madness from past winners, CampusLogic and Pinnacle Transplant
  • Insight into the timeline and process for Venture Madness, from application to selection to the live event
  • Key take-aways for any early-stage firm looking to grow their business to the next level