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It is energizing to listen and learn as Gary Vaynerchuk gets real with the Venture Madness startup crowd. Here are some of the top tweets reflecting his point of view as he gave his keynote presentation, Q&A style.

AZVenture Consulting ‏@Arizona_VC
“Not every great company is started in Silicon Valley.” -@GaryVee at @VentureMadness. #VM16 #YesPhx

Venture Madness ‏@VentureMadness
“…market for where you are…” @garyvee #VM16

CEI GateWay ‏@ceigateway
“This is talk for real capitalism & for those who care about the market over their own self interest” @garyvee #VM16

Venture Madness ‏@VentureMadness
When I put on my INVESTOR hat, I did different things. @GaryVee #practicality #VM16 #entrepreneurs

Ryan Naylor ‏@rdnaylor
“The amount of down-rounds we will see this summer will blow your mind.” @garyvee #vm16

Venture Madness ‏@VentureMadness
Challenge business models in a timeframe that makes sense. @garyvee #VM16 #mentor #investor

Susan Marie ‏@TheSusanMarie
“I didn’t raise money. I got customers to provide funding…and then I kept it all.” – @garyvee #vm16 #AskGaryVee

Venture Madness ‏@VentureMadness
“We are in a headline reading society. Talk about the things you know.” @garyvee #VM16

Tamara Parisio ‏@tamaraparisio
“Build something that people give a sh!t about.” @garyvee #VM16

Greg Bullock ‏@AZbullock
For every Instagram, there’s 2 to 5 million “Instashit” – @garyvee #VM16

Invest Southwest ‏@investsw
“Get a job. Be the #5 at someone else’s #startup.” @garyvee #VM16

Katee Van Horn ‏@Kateebar7
“The quicker you can run a business the better.” With no money can your business survive? @garyvee #vm16

An idea worth repeating (#YesPhx ):
AzCommerceAuthority ‏@azcommerce
“Not every great company is invented in Silicon Valley.” – @garyvee #VM16

A lot of wisdom in tweetable doses. Oh, rest assured, there were f-bombs … and snapchats, too.