4 Ways to Use Your Message to Attract Top Talent

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When everything is ramping up, your team is as important as your idea. Great people make things happen. For your startup to soar, you need to assemble the strongest possible team. How do you attract top talent when you’re new to the game? Here are four ways you can share your story and build your team.

Talk it up. Tell your story to all who will listen, and attract those who align with it. Share what problem you will solve and who you will help. Let candidates know how they would participate in the process. Inspire their desire to be on the team that goes the distance to deliver on the promise. Gather a tribe.

Tailor your tale. Every person has a unique skill set and a perspective to go with it. Be ready to deliver your message to align with the personality and perspective of each candidate. Some are aspirational, others more rational, or technical, even. Be ready to give the right information to the right candidate in the right way, every time.

Channel your message. There are many recruiting options available and some are more effective than others. Make sure to choose the recruiting platform that reaches your audience. Personal networks are a good place to start. And recommendations from good hires can be a reliable resource.

Swap stories. Create a process to get your story out to applicants, and to capture the candidate’s tale. Perhaps include critical questions in your application or select keywords that will drive selections for telephone or face-to-face interviews. Look at Experience, Applicability, Motivation, and Personality to find a fit and fill a position while aligning with the company culture and team dynamics.

Use these four tactics to share your message and attract the right rock stars to your startup. Without great talent, aspirations and ambition would never be more than a flash of ideas on napkins or notepads. Getting the right people in place to do the right things will help you build your startup in the right way.