6 Ways to Build Your Success Circle

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. —Ancient Proverb

It is often said that hard work and determination are essentials of success. And, another major factor, is surrounding yourself with the people who bolster your efforts. People who share inspiration, positivity and encouragement with you. These people influence you to embrace your strengths and focus on achieving your dreams. They make up your circle of success. Here are some ideas to create this circle.

PICK YOUR PARTY. Almost every entrepreneur who has achieved success surrounded themselves with people who have influenced them in a highly positive light. Let go of negative nay sayers to make room for supportive coaches and mentors and allies. Find folks who will propel your progress, and support you in a setback.

ASK QUESTIONS. Don’t answer your questions, but question your answers. Leaders seek questions that lead to the right answers. Those who ask questions have the most control in their efforts. Get feedback. Your worst critics will give you the many ways you can change for the better.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS. Look like success. Act like a success. Attract success. Exercise. Rest. Nourish. Nurture your self so you put your best face forward in every encounter.

REACH OUT. Align with experts who would advise you. Find experts and influencers and work to engage them. There is a Rule of 500 that states one must reach out to 500 people per month with your pitch or your requests. Pursue this relentlessly. You will realize how easy it is to find new contacts and build a network.

DO AS YOU SAY. And say what you will do clearly and meaningfully—with precision. Simplify your message and your words. Hone your communication skills. Speak with ease to attract others who will be comfortable with you and your message.

BUILD YOUR SKILL SET. Educate your self constantly. As you become more competent you will build your confidence. You will attract others who will want to bolster your mission—they will want to join in the success.

Putting a spin on wisdom from David Ogilvy, “Surround your self with people bigger than yourself, and you grow to become a giant.” Build yourself up with the help of strong support. Your success circle with fuel your efforts all the way up to the top.